View artwork from active, talented, local artists selected by our Art Director/Curator Chelsea Mariah. This months featured artist is Alex Ramos.


Alex Ramos is a self-proclaimed renaissance man--a jack of all trades looking to master them all. His work varies from oil paintings to his famously known assemblage pieces. The attention to detail in his pieces shows the dedication to this craft. Alex considers himself a lifelong student, always learning new crafts. Each skill learned adds depth to his work. Whether it is woodworking, sculpting or painting, the level of care he gives to each piece can only be described as a metaphorical birthing of a living being. His work tells a story entangled in religious iconography, bathed in political undertone, and coated in pop culture. His biggest inspiration is the process. Alex Ramos lives and breathes each of his masterpieces into existence.




A: Why not, art is an extension of my language, how I communicate, and perceive the world. It is just another way I express happiness, sorrow, emotions. It's as natural to me, as breathing. 

C: Who is your biggest role model and why? 

A: My children are my biggest role models. The way they see the world inspires me to see it through new eyes. They challenge me and show me how even the most simple of moments can be enjoyed. They are my reason for being. My kids have shaped the way I see the world. 

C: What's one thing you couldn't go without in your work space? 

A: Music. It can change the dynamic of a piece. I can look at every piece and tell you what song was playing when certain sections were put together or created. Each piece is a sound track to my current state of mind. 


C: Which one of your pieces means the most to you and why? 

A: St. Vader, my introduction to assemblage work. He was a last ditch effort to try and fill my life with art. Up until his creation I almost gave up on art. I almost said fuck it, fuck the long days and sleepless nights. When he was conceived I decided to give it everything I had and go out with a bang. Low and behold he molded me into the artist that I am now.


C: If you had to choose one medium to work with from now on, what would that be? 

A: Assemblage, because it's the bastard medium, It's anything you want it to be. 


C: Does the term "starving artist" apply to you? Has it ever? 

A: Starving but not dead. My art fuels my soul.


C: When have you felt most satisfied in your art career? 

A: Watching my children admire my art. I am currently working on an altar to Gotham city and Batman, when my son who is only 1 1/2 saw this piece he said "wow" in the most sincere little voice. His eyes were flowing, he would point at the little details and his expression would change. These moments bring great satisfaction and can only be described as inspiring. 


C: If you had one superpower what would it be?

A: Being able to control time. My pieces take months of work, blood, sweat, and tears. 20+ hour work days are not enough time to work. 


C: How does your work showcase who you are as an artist? 

A: The subject matter and style are very heavily influenced by my upbringing. Everything from growing up Catholic, to staying up late watching Star wars movies, All the facets of my life come crashing together in this Baroque hunk of junk that I build. The attention to detail and level of intricacies found in my pieces only serve to prove my restless mind. 


A: Mortimer Ex, a local collage artist, I am a life time collector of her work. She speaks to my misunderstood soul.